The research of the teams brought together in ELSAT2020 project is organized to maximize its economic and technological impact.

It offers businesses and research teams suitable, reactive methods for collaboration.

Scientific expertise

Partners teams of ELSAT2020 project provide businesses and transportation operators with high-end, multidisciplinary scientific expertise.

To address each issue that arises, scientific community of ELSAT2020 employs the most appropriate experts and the most relevant forms of intervention (spot checks / assessments / testing / analyses), all with the utmost confidentiality.


Through ELSAT2020 scientifics develops, formalizes, and protects many technologies in the form of patents, for both sole and shared ownership. The patented inventions allow businesses and operators to quickly integrate innovative technologies.

Demonstrators and prototypes

In order to refine technologies and allow tests to be run, partners develops operational demonstrators and prototypes.

Research partnerships

ELSAT2020 joins collaborative research projects that enable manufacturers and operators to benefit from the scientific talents of our teams, as well as our equipment.


Laboratories are home to some of the world's most advanced test platforms. Served by expert test engineering and scientific teams that can thoroughly analyze the results, these platforms are major assets for any type of innovation project, particularly in the advanced concept approval phases.