For all transportation and mobility stakeholders

The science available in ELSAT2020 project enables transportation and mobility stakeholders to anticipate, launch, and accelerate the development of new technologies and breakthrough innovations.

It covers multidisciplinary fields that go hand-in-hand—like infrastructure, vehicles and rolling stock, networks, and telecommunications—for the benefit of transport operators and manufacturers.

For auto and rail

  • Maximize the accessibility, ergonomics, and comfort of vehicles
  • Develop connectivity and artificial intelligence
  • Make vehicles safer
  • Improve the energy efficiency of vehicles and propulsion systems
  • Speed up time-to-market

For logistics and freight

  • Develop "smart freight"
  • Improve the performance of bulk transport
  • Streamline and decarbonize urban logistics
  • Integrate multimodal systems

For new mobility

  • Enhance and improve the passenger experience
  • Develop multimodal transport
  • Guide public investment and regulation