A world-class research for tomorrow's mobility

  • Inventing new forms of mobility for people and goods
  • Increasing the safety, security, and reliability of vehicles and infrastructure
  • Improving energy efficiency and limiting pollution

Science and our research are now able to provide concrete, effective answers to these three major mobility challenges.

An International Scientific Player

Today, ELSAT2020 is one of the most active and influential international scientific players worldwide in the mobility industry.

  • 400 researchers, engineers, and technicians
  •  24 international awards
  •  14 demonstrators and prototypes developed

ELSAT2020 brings together research from most of the scientific institutes and organizations inHauts-de-France region to address the issues involved in sustainable transportation and mobility.

ELSAT2020 is a creator, possessor, and major promoter of new scientific knowledge, with about 400 researchers, engineers, and technicians.

Its research has spurred real innovations in the automobile, rail, logistics, and "new mobility" sectors.

That research is also making transport operators and businesses, communities, and government agencies more competitive.


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