Materials and methods

  • Plastics & Composite: drafting, shaping and recyclability
  • Glasses: drafting, shaping and tempering
  • Ceramics & coating: drafting, shaping, functionalization
  • Metals: optimization of machining processes, forging, rolling, foundry

Thermomechanical behaviour

  • Thermomechanical simulator
  • Tension-compression machines
  • Microhardness

Crash impact

  • Hopkinson bars
  • Catapult
  • Impact drop testers

Contraéro - flow and aerodynamics

  • Wind tunnel for studying separated flows
  • Eiffel horizontal wind tunnel with open return
  • Wind tunnel for studying atmospheric flows

Traction – instrumentation and control

  • Turbocharger testbeds
  • Instrument-equipped hybrid vehicle
  • Turbocharged hybrid and gasoline engine testbed

Multisensor system for obstacle tracking and identification

  • Characterization of obstacles and onboard system design
  • Devices for UWB obstacle detection and sensor data management
  • Dynamic reconfiguration for optimal resource management

Microtomography characterization platform

  • Local three-dimensional internal characterization of materials using X-rays
  • Local three-dimensional observations of flows and fluids

UWB communications and positioning

  • UWB-RT positioning
  • UWB communication
  • Very high speed UWB communication

Passenger and user safety

  • Micro-scanners and 3D scanners
  • Extensometer, stereoscoping monitoring, measurement sensors
  • Electronic driving assistance simulator

3D motion capture

  • Electro-optical capture system
  • Goniogyroscopic capture system
  • Electromyographic measurement system

Rail and road driving simulators

  • Rail driving, in tram-train operator's cab and rail traffic management
  • Road driving on 6-axis motion platform
  • Software platform for evaluating ERTMS components and procedures

Electromagnetic compatibility

  • Echo and anechoic chambers
  • Long-distance power grid simulator
  • Testbed on table for GSM-R communications

MIMO-OFDM communications

  • Real MIMO-OFDM communication channel
  • Wideband polarized MIMO-OFDM channel sonar